I see that there is a keyboard shortcut for switching tabs within a Firefox browser window, but I'd also like one for switching between browser windows. I imagine this is easier on Windows, where each browser window sort of behaves as a separate application, but on the Mac OS an application can own several windows. Thus, the OS doesn't provide support for switching between browser windows via a keyboard shortcut; it can just switch between applications, which brings all of the target application's windows to the front.

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Which keyboard shortcuts give a problem and do you want to change and for what reason? As stated in my original question, I want to change the keyboard shortcut to bring up developer tools. It is set to Cmd + Opt + I and I want to change it to Cmd + Shift + C because that is much more comfortable to me. Apr 13, 2020 Below are the keyboard shortcuts for Firefox on Mac. Shortcuts for Windows. Open a new window: Command + N; Open a new private window: Command + Shift + P; Open address or search in new window: Shift + Return; Enter/Exit full screen mode: Command + Shift + F; Close a window: Command + Shift + W; Undo close a window: Command + Shift + N; Quit Firefox: Command + Q; Shortcuts for Tabs. Open a new tab: Command + T. Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Seamonkey Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigator, Mail & Newsgroups, Composer, Address Book and Help window: the keyboard shortcuts are provided for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You are currently viewing a snapshot of www.mozilla.org taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages. Feb 11, 2020  Select a screenshot option. Once you choose a screenshot type, a preview will appear. You have four options from which to choose: Click Save Visible at the top-right corner to take a screenshot of the part of the webpage that appears on the screen now.; Click Save full page at the top-right corner to take a screenshot of the entire page, including the parts that don't appear on the screen. Mar 21, 2020  Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox. The shortcuts are not customizable so you will have to learn them.

There is no denying the fact that keyboard shortcuts definitely make our work a lot easier and faster as well. After all, who likes the idea of dragging the mouse cursor all the way up to the top right just to close a particular window, when the same could easily be achieved via the Command-W shortcuts. In this regard, your Mac already comes pre-build with some nifty shortcut combinations. But still, you might come across one or two activities that don’t have a shortcut of its own. In this regard, this guide will come in handy. Today, we will show you how to create custom keyboard shortcuts on Mac.

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac Pro

There exist two different scenarios in this. Either you could create these shortcuts for a custom application or a universal shortcut for all the applications. For example, in case of the former, you could create a shortcut to reopen the last closed tab in the Safari browser. On the other hand, a universal shortcut could be creating a Rename shortcut for all the files that support the File > Rename option. And in this guide on creating custom keyboard shortcuts on Mac, we will be focusing on these two scenarios as an example. The same set of rules could be applied to any of your desired shortcuts as well. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

  1. On your macOS, head over to the Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”.
  2. Within that, select the Keyboard option.
  3. Then go to the Shortcuts section from the top menu and select App Shortcuts on the left menu bar.
  4. You will now see a plus button at the bottom, click on it to bring a new dialog box.
  5. Under the Application section, you will have to either select All Applications or a custom application:
    • For this guide, we will be applying the Rename shortcut under All Applications.
    • And the ability to open the last closed window in Firefox.
  6. So in case of the former, under Applications: All Applications and under Menu Title: Rename…
  7. Similarly for the latter example, you could choose Safari under the Applications tab and Reopen Last Closed Window under Menu Title.

Once that is done, click on Add and that’s it. You have successfully created custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. There are a few things to keep in mind. To begin with, make sure that you enter the exact same name of the function under the Menu Title (including the capitalization, punctuation, periods, etc). Otherwise, the shortcut might not work at all.

All Keyboard Shortcuts - Firefox Developer Tools MDN

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac

Keyboard Shortcut For Duplicating Tab Firefox Support ..

Furthermore, recheck that the shortcut that you are about to create doesn’t already exist, or it might lead to a conflicting situation. So this was all from this guide regarding the custom keyboard shortcuts on Mac. Although we took two specific scenarios, yet you could use these steps for all the app shortcuts of your choice. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and Tricks, PC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you would find equally useful.