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Age of Conan Acronyms Guide by screech79

Now im a new player and i have had trouble with alot of the acronyms used in Age of Conan and massive mutiplaying games in general as well as on the forums so i thought i would put up a topic with the commenly used ones and keep it upto date.
Hopefully ppl can use it and not get confused like i have. I dont claim to know these are all right but im sure others can help out here.
u may be suprised but some ppl dont know even the basic ones.
To be finished


AoC = Age of Conan
MMO = Massive Mutiplayer Online
FC = FunCom
TS = Teamspeak (3rd party voice comms)
Vent = Ventrilo (3rd party voice comms)
D&D; = Dungeons and Dragons
WAR = Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning
WOW = World of Warcraft
EQ = Ever Quest

Ingame areas

SOBS = Sanctum of Burnign Souls
TOMBS = Toirdealbanch’s Tomb
FotD = Field of the Dead
PotA = Pyramid of the Ancients
OT = Old Tarantia (or when used in a LFG type situation, Outflow Tunnels)
BC = Black Castle
BRC = Black Ring Citadel
TR = Thunder River
EM/E.M. = Eiglophian Mountains


Conan Castle Cats

AoE = Area of Effect
DPS = Damage per Second
HoT = Heals over Time
LFG = Looking for Group
LFM = Looking for More
LF1M = Looking for one more (for a group)
LF2M = Looking for two more (for a group)
LF3M = Looking for three more (for a group)
LF4M = Looking for four more (for a group)
LF5M = Noone likes me. (lol)
LFH = Lookign for Healer
Lvl = Your current Charcter level
CC = Crowd Control
HP = Health Points
MP = Mana Points
XP = Experence Points
PvP = Player vs Player
PvE = Player vs Enviroment
BoE = Bind on Equip (that item is binded to your charcter when u wear it)
BoP = Bind on Pickup(that item is binded to your charcter when u pick it up)
DW = Duel Wield
RP = Role Playing
PST = Please send tell
DPS = Damage per second (of a weapon)
DPS = A class that does a lot of damage per second. You say “Need DPS” if you need damage in your group.
PK = Player Killing (somehow in AoC this has taken on a negative context)
KOS = Kill on sight.
FFA = Free-for-all, used to describe servers/areas where you can attack other players at will. (not to be confused with FFA looting, which is not an option in AoC)
= Learn to Play. If someone tells you this as a new player, don’t take it personally.
CMN = Cry More noob.
OOC = Out of Charcter (its also a chat channel of the same name)
KS = Kill Steal (Someone taking over your mob and killing it out from under you)
OOM = Out of Mana
MT = Miss Tell (also Main Tank in a group situation)
AFK = Away From Keyboard
D/C = disconnected
TNL = to next lvl
POS = position
LFP = Looking for party
AH = Auction House (trader in AoC)
Mats = Materials
OOM = Out of Memory error or Out of Mana
OOC = Out of Character or Out of Combat, depends on context
PBAoE = Point Blank Area of Effect/Self-Centered Hostile Spell
KB = Knockback
kk = ok, ok.
oic = Oh I see
OP = Overpowered
ubber, ubb3r, ubbah = elite or awesome
l33t or 133l = elite or awesome
GL = Guild leader or good luck, based on context
=D = Meant to be a open mouth smiley, or or ;D
=/ or :/ = Meant to be a sideway frown, indicating something you aren’t happy with
PC = Player Character, controlled by a human being
NPC = Non Player Character, controlled by the server
POTs = Potions
DC = Disconnected
OMW = On My Way


BS = Bear Shaman
DT = Dark Templar
PoM = Priest of Mitra
ToS = Tempest of Set
HoX = Herald of Xotli
OP = when talked about classes means Over Powered
Necro (noun) = Necromancer
Demo = Demonologist
Barb = Barbarian
Guard = Guardian
Conq = Conquerer
Ass/Sin = Assassin

Forum talk

OP = Original post/poster
FTW = For The Win
GM = Game Master
mod = Forum Moderator
FYI = For Your Information
Necro (verb) = to post on an old thread, bumping it to the top of a forum.
ASL = Age Sex and Location
VC = Voice Chat
ITT = in this thread
TLDR = Too long, didn’t read

General Acronyms

Age Of Conan Black Castle

IMO = In my Opinion
IMHO = In my Hounest Opinion
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
TBH = To Be Honest
QFT = Quoted for truth
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
NSFW = Not safe for work
WC = water closet (toliet break see AFK)
RR = Rest Room
Bio = Bio Break(Toliet Break)
BBL = be back later
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
TTYL = Talk to you Later
TY = Thank You
PK = Player Killer
REZ = Raise
IG = In game
RL = Real life
IRL = In Real Life
GJ = Good Job
FDOK = Face down on keyboard
AFK = Away From Keyboard

Age Of Conan Game

Here are some “censored” ones, you need to know them to get far anywhere. Wish I had known them when I first started gaming years ago.

FFS = For F***s Sake
WTF = What the F***
lmao = Laughing my Arse off
lmfao = Laughing my F***ing arse off
gtfo = Get the F*** Out
milf = Mom I would Like to F***

Class skill Acronyms and some basic Definitions


Newb = New Player or unexperenced player
Lowbie = Low level character/toon, Lowbie is frequently used to denote a lower level alt (or reroll) of an experienced player, in order to differentiate from Newbie. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that’s how the term originated (as a corruption of Newbie), though you’re right enough that many people don’t make that distinction any more.
Zerg = Winning/succeeding by sheer overwhelming numbers. a tribute to Starcraft
Grind/ing = Grinding generally refers to doing anything repetitive, usually killing mobs, Gathering resources ect.
MOB = Mobile generaly reffering to monster/enemy npc mobiles
mule = Another char/toon that is there just to hold items ect.
ALT = Alternate char/toon you play
Main = Main char/toon you play
char/toon = Reffers to your in game avatar
Reroll = To make a new charcter and start again. In old D&D; u actually rolled dice to get your charcter stats.
Twink/Twinkie= An alt that is given all of the best gear money can buy from his/her main character to be more powerful than most others at that level
Pat = Patrolling group or mob of NPCs that will eventually run into you and add to your pull or aggro you into the ground, a roaming wipe factory if you will.
ADD = Additional NPCs not in the original pull (usually a PAT or some one backs up into their aggro range or some one AoEs and pulls them) and needing to be tanked/CC’d to stay alive or survive
Sat = Static Enemy NPC (not that anyone uses this one anymore, people seem to think that all enemy NPC’s are called Mobs, when in fact, back in the day of text based RPG’s there were 2 types of enemies. Ones that could move (Mobs) and ones that could not move (Sats))
Node = A resource target
Tank n Spank = Indicates a boss mob with no outstanding abilities or surprises. No special strategy required. Just have the main tank hold aggro then dps it down
Trash mobs = Non boss mobs that slow your progress to the bosses
Plow = To move as a raid quickly through the trash mobs on the way to bosses, not waiting for someone to pull.
Blow your cooldowns = Similar to “NUKE the mob”, it means to do max damage by using all your special abilities that require cooldown timers
Greens = Gear that has a green colored name, meaning it is magical
Blues = Gear that has a blue colored name, meaning it is rare and more powerful than greens at the same level
Purples = Gear that has a purple colored name, meaning it is epic
Rez pad = The place you respawn after dying
Rez camp or corpse camp = in PVP, to wait at the rez pad for a PC to leave and kill them again
Grief or grieve = To make another player’s game experience bad. See rez camp.
Haxor or hacker = Someone who alledgedly hacks the game in order to cheat
Loot = Magic items dropped by NPCs
Farm = To gather, as in resource gathering or to kill mobs to get a certain loot
Farmer = Generally used in bad context, to indicate someone that farms gold to sell it and make a living
Port = To teleport to a new location
zone = To cross the dividing lines between playing fields, noteable for the wait time while the new area loads
lag = To experience bad frame rate and slow response from the game
Aggro/Agro = Having the attention (being the target) of an enemy monster or npc.
Pull = To aggro one or more enemy monsters or npcs.
Tank = To maintain aggro on enemy monsters or npcs while others do damage to kill them.
Nuke = To do as much damage as possible to one target.
Wipe = For everyone in a group to die.
Camp = To stay in one area and repeatedly kill the same monsters, npcs, or passing players.
Spawn = For monsters, npcs, or players to enter an area.
Kite = To attack a player, monster, or npcs with ranged attacks while preventing them from closing distance.
Buff = A beneficial condition placed on a character. Also as a verb – to place a beneficial condition on a character.
Debuff = A detrimental condition placed on a character or to remove buffs on a charcter.

Class Skills

Conan Hyborian Age Map

Priest of Mitra:
SoM = Soul of Mitra
MoM = Manifestation of Mitra
LoM = Lance of Mitra
EoL = Emanation of Life
WoL = Wave of Life
AoM = Avatar of Mitra
AoF = Armor of Faith
HoM = Hand of Mitra
VotG = Vengeance of the Gods

Herald of Xotli:

FL = Fire Lance
EoX = Exultation of Xotli
WoC = Word of Command
PC = Phoenix Cloak
PoIF = Pillar of Infernal Flame
B&SW; = Body and Soul Wrack
HS = Hell Strikes
AoX = Avatar of Xotli
DE = Desecrating Essence
BtD = Burn to Death
IEYH = I Eat Your Heart
MSS = Molten Steel Slash
CoP = Contract of Protection
DV = Dread Visage
HFB = Hellfire Breath
FE = Fiery Enervation

Bear Shaman:

GoN = Grace of Nature
CA = Crush Armor
SB = Shrewd Blow
CS = Censuring Strike
BF = Blood Flow
UB = Ursine Brawl
CoS = Claws of Stone
RoS = Rune of Slaughter
RoG = Rune of Grounding

Age Of Conan Black Castle


CS = Cunning Strike
CoS = Cyclone of Steel
WA = Wreck Armor


CS = Cunning Strike
SS = Swift Strikes
SDS = Slow Death Strike
FtD = From the Darkness



AR = Armor Ripper
CS = Cunning Strike
IS = Incapacitating Strike
PS = Piercing Shot


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BES = Brutal Enraging Strike
BEW = Brutal Enraging Wound
GoDS = Guard of Dancing Steel
HoFS = Hail of Furious Strikes
BH = Bloody Hack
WW = WhirlWind
DS = Defense Stance
FS = Frenzy Stance


What's new in version 6.1.0? Only supported in apps that work in 16bpc or higher. Flicker free phones.

BES = Brutal Enraging Strike
BEW = Brutal Enraging Wound
FA = Flashing Arc
PS = Plexus Strike
SS = Shield Sweep

Dark Templar:

ASfoF = A Soul for our Feast
BfA = Blood for Aid
BES = Brutal Enraging Strike
BEW = Brutal Enraging Wound
LL = Leech Life
MB = Mystical Bane
UB = Unhallowed Blight
AoDF = Aura of Dread Fury
AoI = Aura of Infusion
CoD = Covenant of Death
CoI = Covenant of Invulnerability
CoP = Covenant of Pestilence
CoV = Covenant of Vengance
CoW = Covenant of War
DL = Drain Life

Tempest of Set:

CS = Cobra Stare
CoS = Curse of Set
DoS = Degradation of Set
DaC = Divide and Conquer
HL = Healing Lotus
LoS = Life of Set
LS = Lighting Strike
PoS = Puppets of Set
SoL = Spark of Life
SF = Storm Field


BPWS = Bloody Pact With Set
DFtH = Draw Forth the Heart
FoG = Fires of Gehenna
HoU = Hands of the Underworld
HS = Hellfire Stream
IoA = Inferno of Amher
PoS = Protection of Set


DtS = Despoil the Soul
DFtH = Draw Forth the Heart
FtW = Flesh to Worms
NRD = No Rest for the Dead
PB = Pestilential Blast
LS = Lifestrike
IS = Ice Strike
RotL = Ritual of the Lich
DT = Death’s Terror
UT = Unimaginable Terror
LL = Life Leech
GoD = Grip of Death
SF = Soul Frost
BR = Blasphemous Ruin
PSS = Parasitic Soul Swarm
DB = Deathly Blizzard
GB = Gelid Bones
ToW = Touch of Winter
SU = Siphon Unlife
EotD = Eater of the Dead
Sac = Sacrifice
SA = Soul Absorption
FotW = Flesh of the Wight
PB = Pestilential Blast
GS = Gangrenous Stench
ToE = Tome of Epithur
Blas = Blasphemy (the buff)
SCH = Set’s Cold Hatred
CD = Corpse Detonation
CoP = Curse of Pain
PHC = Plagued Heart Curse
SH = Shackled Heart
GF = Ghoulish Feast
FB = Frost Blast
Shackle = Ice Shackle
UH = Unholy Hands
AotD = Army of the Dead

Hyborian kingdom situated southwest of Ophir, west of Koth and Shem, and south of Zingara -- where an Argossean panhandle juts westward.

Conan Castle Builds

Argos was a nation of paramount seafarers, with cosmopolitan cities along the coast. Its capital, Messantia, lay on the coast at the estuary of the Khorotas River. The most fertile region in Argos is the Khorotas River valley. The valley is filled with fruit orchards, farms, and oak forests where Argos' shipbuilding industry gets its wood.
The inland provinces were culturally rather backward. Along the Zingaran border were ghoul-haunted forests; south of these lay orchards and croplands.
Argossean Mansion
The Argossean people were an amalgam of Zingaran and Shemite races. They were the best sailors in the Hyborian world -- according to everyone but the mariners of Zingara!
Argos was anciently a part of Acheron. It may have been the third of the Hyborian kingdoms to be established, after Nemedia and Aquilonia. Argos had a long-standing feud with Zingara, based on their maritime rivalry. Zingara essayed an incursion into Argos when Conan was a young man. The Argosseans under King Milo trounced King Ferdrugo's invaders soundly.

Age Of Conan Black Castle Quests

After Conan's time, the Aquilonian Empire annexed Argos. Still later, the Pictish hordes looted and burned the region. With the advance of the glaciers, Argos vanished beneath the sea.
References: Hyborian Age I-II, City of Skulls, Queen of the Black Coast, Snout in the Dark, Castle of Terror, Conan the Buccaneer, Red Nails, Hawks Over Shem, Treasure of Tranicos, Hour of the Dragon, Conan the Liberator, Conan the Guardian, et al.

Conan Castle Plans

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